Choosing a Photographer


Artistic Style

When choosing a photographer for your project or event, it’s important to think about your artistic style. What photographs appeal to you? Are they taken in environments that are natural, architectural, busy, expansive, bright, dark, or colorful? Are they casual or staged?

The best photograph is one that elicits emotion in the viewer. Event photography, such as a wedding, adds an additional element, the story. What story do you want your event to tell?

Our typical style is natural and practical. During the consultation we’ll work with you to determine the style photography you prefer and the story you want to tell. When processing photos we typically only remove blemishes and undesirable features that take away from the subject matter. We modify pictures to provide good composition, lighting, and color. We avoid doing excessive touch up or using enhancements unless the client specifically asks for it. In that case we’re happy to do it.


Our philosophy is simple, value for service. We provide professional services to those who want to select the activity offered and pay accordingly. You’ll find many photographers who deliver excellence using their artistry and style for the fees they charge. You give them a general vision and they provide an artisan service. In contrast, we put the client in control. We supply professionals and allow the client to select the services provided.

We want to be clear about pricing so an invoice will be provided detailing all fees prior to contract. We also want to clear about the services offered so no additional fees are charged, other than those initially agreed upon and documented on an invoice.


Ultimately, you should choose a photographer that will provide what you want. On one extreme, if you choose to allow complete creative freedom, you are surrendering control and relying on their artistry and skill. In that case make sure that your photographer is an artist, that you understand their style, and that they can provide photographs to match your event style. On the other extreme, if you choose to select every shot you are assuming creative control and relying on the photographer to capture the shots technically. We recommend that you find a middle ground between these two extremes. You should determine and discuss the level of creative control you prefer to make sure you have a good shoot.