Our pricing is based on a simple structure. All costs will be discussed during your initial consultation then agreed upon and documented before work is performed. If you’re looking for specific shots, scenes, imagery, or something not covered in the below structure, we’d be happy to generate a quote.We'll also gladly discuss any questions you may have via phone, text, or email.

$500 Basic Event Fee
•    Initial Consultation
•    Photography Plan
•    4 – 6 hours event photography
•    CD’s containing raw images shipped within 72 hours of event
•    Travel up to 100 miles round trip

Supplement Discount
$250 Engagement Photo Shoot with wedding booking ($500 without booking)
•    Initial Consultation
•    2 – 4 hours photo shoot
•    CD’s containing raw images shipped within 72 hours of event

Consultation - We're flexible. Consultation can be performing with a web-meeting, a personal physical meeting, or in a group. Let us know what works for you. Initial consultations are provided at no cost, and subsequent consultations will be discussed before client commitment.

Photo Processing / Editing
$250 Flat fee for the first 50 photos

Good photos typically only take a few minutes to process, making simple lighting or file size adjustments. For those that need significant touch up we will discuss the cost/value point during the consultation. For example, hundreds of pictures will be taken during your event and it's not likely that you will want to process them all. Restricting that to a group of favorites keeps the costs relative and the quality of the final images high.

Photo Albums, Picture Books, and Presentations

We have samples and ideas that we would like to share with you during your initial consultation. Pricing will be based on your choices and quoted accordingly. Please let us know what you would like to see. Again, we're flexible and we want you to be happy with your final product.